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Dynamic Dungeons is a one-man effort to get tabletop gaming looking as good as possible. My name is Tamas, a Hungarian 3D designer, musician and dungeon master, father of two.

I started making living maps in 2018. In less than two years a supportive community of more than 4000 patrons has been developed around this concept and turned it to a full-time job.

I am extremely grateful to my generous patrons who made this possible. Be a part of it, join now!

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DESERT GRIDS + New Stretch Goal: 3D Printable Props!!!

We all know that basic mats are very useful when we need to quickly set up a grid for an encounter and let our players imagine the scene or to use 3d printed or crafted props on the TV.
This time I created generic battle grids again, in desert theme. This pack contains 3 different animated maps, you’ll find sandstorm and twister scenes, a dragon skeleton, and 4 static backgrounds, most of them in day and night versions, AND…

…I’m super excited to announce that I’m going to release 3D printable assets that fit the animated maps. 

In addition to this desert pack, you find a cactus set in the shared folder with 3 different types of cactuses:

These test prints were made with an AnyCubic Photon S resin printer, so all models are tested. 

This new reward is still experimental, but if we hit the 20K stretch goal, CG Patrons, who support every creation of the month can expect 3D printable files that fit the themes. 

I also adjusted the color of the rocks I made for the Avernus pack, you’ll find them in the props subfolder.
I hope you like these maps and also the 3d models. Thank you for your continued support!

Get your rewards from this shared folder:


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