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Dynamic Dungeons is a one-man effort to get tabletop gaming looking as good as possible. My name is Tamas, a Hungarian 3D designer, musician and dungeon master, father of two.

I started making living maps in 2018. In less than two years a supportive community of more than 4000 patrons has been developed around this concept and turned it to a full-time job.

I am extremely grateful to my generous patrons who made this possible. Be a part of it, join now!

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I’m happy to release again some D&D fan content. You can find 5 scenes in this pack, UHD animated videos with and without grids as usual, and static images. I’m happy how these ones came out and hope you also like them. 

Cave of the Berserkers

A tale in Ten-Towns spurs the characters to visit this cave or a ring teleports them to the icy path according to the amazing Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden campaign.

Cackling Chasm 

I was really inspired by the Cackling Chasm scene, so you’ll also find the maps that I made for that place. Your characters might visit this location after hearing a tale about a murdered fisher and her magic fishing pole or after agreeing to undertake a quest for the town speaker of Caer-Konig. 

(This unofficial content is not endorsed or sponsored by Wizards)

Diversity of maps is important for me so I continue releasing varied themes, but I happily build more scenes of RotFM if you are interested. Please comment down below, which scene would you like to see coming to life. 

Get the complete pack, the UHD animated versions, and static jpg versions from this shared folder:


Thank you very much for your continued support, stay tuned, the new rewards are coming soon. 

Following and sharing the official channels of Dynamic Dungeons help me a lot to grow this supportive community and bring more maps to life.

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