About Dynamic Dungeons

Dynamic Dungeons is a one-man effort to get tabletop gaming looking as good as possible. My name is Tamas, a Hungarian 3D designer, musician and dungeon master, father of two.

I started making living maps in 2018. In less than two years a supportive community of more than 3000 patrons has been developed around this concept and turned it to a full-time job.

I am extremely grateful to my generous patrons who made this possible. Be a part of it, join now!

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Dynamic Dungeons Editor and Player v.3.2.1.

With the Editor you can import my maps or your own images or video files into the storyline and make a four way playlist, with fog of war and a custom hexa and quad grid overlay, use png props, animations, particle effects and sounds.

The program is designed to make a four-way playlist of my pre-made videos, custom grid and apply Fog of War. Although there are many customisation options available and custom maps can be used / created with the application, be aware that Dynamic Dungeons maps ARE NOT MADE WITH THIS APP,  but in various 3d software. 

The price is 30 USD. With purchasing the editor you get access to the modular dungeon pack (with more than 20 motion maps) which was released on Patreon in March 2018.

Dynamic Dungeons Editor and Player is a three-in-one desktop application for MAC and PC. It was developed for game masters and it includes Editor, Player and Manager.
With Editor, you can create a storyline of videos and pictures for your role-playing game, and map different backgrounds, png images, particle effects and audio files.

Once you’re done with the map in Editor, you can open the saved story with the Manager, which lets you easily navigate through pre-made scenes, reveal parts of Fog of war, and adjust props while it’s played in real time  in the third app, Player.

Buy this 3 in 1 app for 30 USD now, or try the Editor demo for free.


 My motion maps can be played with any kind of media player! This application is actually for looping and customising the maps I make, but you can import third party videos, sounds and images as well. Saving a story is not available in the Editor demo version, and it does not containt the Manager and Player.