About Dynamic Dungeons

Dynamic Dungeons is a one-man effort to get tabletop gaming looking as good as possible. My name is Tamas, a Hungarian 3D designer, musician and dungeon master, father of two.

I started making living maps in 2018. In less than two years a supportive community of more than 4000 patrons has been developed around this concept and turned it to a full-time job.

I am extremely grateful to my generous patrons who made this possible. Be a part of it, join now!

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How to play on the TV screen with minis?

Playing on the Tv screen is easier than you think. Simply lay flat your TV. You can protect the screen with a cheap plexiglass sheet, and use dry or wet erase markers on it, so miniatures and dice rolls won’t damage the surface of the Tv. You can also project down the video onto a physical table with a HD projector.

Mike Mearls D&D 5th edition senior creative director with Joe Manganiello playing the Galleon from Dynamic Dungeons

How can the grid be displayed precisely as a 1” grid?

The gridded HD maps are optimized for a 40” Tv, where the size of the squares are exactly 1”. The 4k maps are optimized for a 50”TV.
If you have smaller or larger screen, I suggest to play the gridless versions of the maps with the  Dynamic Dungeons Editor and Player app where you can set custom hexa and quad grid overlay.

TV or projector?

Although both solutions are possible, TVs are more widespread and it’s what I would recommend as well. Let’s look at the pros and cons for the various forms of display:

Horizontal or table-installed TV

  • superb brilliance and contrast even in bright surroundings at an affordable price
  • The TV remote controller offers fast access to detailed color settings, which can effectively modify the display
  • HDMI audio is available through the speakers of the TV


  • the screen has to be protected with Plexiglas against scratches
  • The use of metal dice should be avoided on Plexiglas surfaces and it should be protected against spills from drinks (unless the display is installed under a closed protective surface)


  • No need to protect the projected surface from spilled drinks or scratches
  • Play surfaces of varying sizes can be projected depending on the positioning of the device


  • Designing a suspension system and mounting a projector on the ceiling can be difficult and troublesome
  • Only the most expensive devices offer the contrast and brilliance of a TV set in bright surroundings
  • The hands of players cast a shadow on the table
  • produces heat and noise
  • Most projectors don’t feature speakers or in a lower quality than TVs.

What kind of TV should I use?

Nowadays 4k TVs are getting relatively cheaper, so you probably will choose a 49 or 50″ UHD TV if you buy a new one for gaming. A cheaper, used 40” full HD resolution LCD device is still a good choice. If you are planning to buy a TV for gaming purposes, I recommend choosing a device with HDMI ports on the side and not the back. Avoid using TVs with an installed glass surface significantly distanced from the screen surface. (This was typical of older models. Due to the distance between the glass surface and the screen, you might experience a floating effect when viewing the figures placed on the screen from the side)
A 30” screen is fine, yet it will result in a smaller play surface, and you should consider buying the Dynamic Dungeons Player to apply 1″ grid on the videomaps.

Will it harm my TV if I lay it down on its back and put miniatures on top of it?

You can use plasma, lcd or Led Tv (wich is basically an LCD screen, but with LED backlighting), but which type TV it is doesn’t really matter for this predicament, as no flat screen is filled with floating gasses or millions of drops of anti-gravity techno-color liquids :). Nothing is going to settle at the bottom of your screen no matter how many years it stands on your table or hangs on your wall.
No, it’s not going to harm your TV internally to lay it down.
Special ventilation is only suggested if you have a built-in tv enclosed in the table.

How can I play the motion maps?

All media players are suitable, yet I recommend using Quicktime on Mac and Movies & TV app works nice on Windows. The  Dynamic Dungeons Editor and Player can loop the videos smoothly. Additionally, it offers the advantage of playing videos with quad and hex grids, fog of war settings, tokens and particle effects.

What is Dynamic Dungeons Editor?

Dynamic Dungeons Editor and Player is a two-in-one desktop application for MAC and PC. It was developed for game masters and it includes Editor, Player and Manager.
With Editor, you can create a storyline of videos and pictures for your role-playing game, and map different backgrounds, png images, particle effects and audio files.

Once you’re done with the map in Editor, you can project the story on the Player window and easily navigate through pre-made scenes, reveal parts of Fog of war, and adjust png props while your video is played in real-time.

The program is designed to make a four-way playlist of my pre-made videos, custom grid, and apply Fog of War.

Although there are many customization options available and custom maps can be created with the application, be aware that Dynamic Dungeons maps are not made with this app, but in various 3D software.  This application is actually for looping and customizing the maps I make.

Get it here.

Can the maps be purchased separately?

My maps are only available through Patreon for the time being, yet the older maps will soon be available separately and in thematic packs. Chaotic good level supporters who support all three creations of the month can make purchases through the webshop (coming soon) at a 50% discount.

How much does it cost to be a patron per month?

As I usually add 2-3 rewards per month, it will cost you 10 or 15 dollars a month to be a chaotic good patron. If you feel that’s too much, you can set a limit, e.g. a 10 dollar cap for your support. If you set a monthly max you may miss some exclusive rewards, that are sent out to Patrons, who support every (3) creation of the month. You can delete your support at any time. Read more about it  here.

Am I charged $5 for every map I download?

No, once you join as a Patron, you’ll have immediate free access to the back catalog. You can even freely download more than 200 animated maps. As a Patron, you choose a donation tier for the future releases. You can cancel your patronage anytime, but I hope you’ll be satisfied and keep supporting me. Patrons who support every creations per month receive additional exclusive maps. Join here.

Is there a list of the previously released maps?

Yes, here’s the list:  PATREON ARCHIVE CATALOG 2018-2019

If I decide to become a supporter, will I have access to previously released maps?

Yes, you will have free, instant access to all (more than 200) previously released maps, which you can download without making any additional payments. When joining, you can choose a donation tier for future releases. If you support all three creations of the month, you’ll receive exclusive rewards too on a monthly basis.

What is a map pack?

A reward consists of more than a single map and instead involves at least two or even more designs. New releases contain a plain version in the style of the motion maps. I make a number of map variations so the scenes could be used in multiple ways. I will strive to provide an increasing amount of content for future rewards.

Can I request themes?

Yes, I’m happy to hear your suggestions and I’ll do my best to satisfy the requests that inspire me, yet Patreon is fundamentally a platform of support that puts a great deal of emphasis on creative freedom.

Do you also make maps to order?

That depends on how much time I have left in the month apart from the works through Patreon. Should you have any questions, get in touch through the dynamicdungeons@gmail.com address.

Am I allowed to use the maps on a roleplaying live stream?

Yes, I’m happy to see my maps in action. Please mention or give credit in the description to Dynamic Dungeons. The preferred citation is the URL to my Patreon page, which is:  https://www.patreon.com/dynamicdungeons